Hire FAQs

If you are working on bumpy or un level ground, it’s likely that you will need jacks. Please contact us for clarification.

All MEWPS are designed to operate in wind speeds up to a maximum which should be marked on the machine*. Operation in wind speeds above this maximum will cause instability.

The generally accepted design wind speed, and also the maximum in which an operator can work comfortably, is 12.5m/s (28mph). *Except those designed specifically for use indoors.

Wind speed can be measured from the platform with a hand held anemometer but it is more usual to estimate using the Beaufort Scale of Wind Force.

It is very important to realise that wind speed increases with height and may be 50% greater at a height of 20 metres above ground level.

The Beaufort Scale of wind force is accepted internationally and is used when communicating weather conditions. It consists of number 0- 17, each representing a certain strength of velocity of wind at 10m (33ft) above ground level in the open.