Harness FAQs

Yes, our Harness Kits which include a Harness, Lanyard and bag are £75. Please contact a member of our Sales Team at Access Plus on 0800 32 88 178.

Water repellent webbing resists staining and contamination from oil and grease. It has a silky feel and makes rain bead and roll off, keeping the harness clean and dry, ready for next use.

The Personal Protective Equipment regulations 1992 require employers to maintain fall arrest equipment in good repair, including appropriate replacement.

In addition, the Work at Height Regulations 2005 require that equipment which is exposed to conditions causing deterioration, such as webbing on your full body safety harness which is liable to result in dangerous situations, should be inspected at suitable intervals, and also at each time exceptional circumstances which might jeopardise safety have occurred.

There is nothing more important than ensuring safety when working at height and with over 13 years of working in the construction industry with Mobile Elevated Platforms, (MEWPS) Access Plus believes that full body harnesses are the foundation of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Access Plus branded safety harnesses are made with water repellent webbing, which resists staining and contamination from grease and oil.

The rip stitch indicators warn you if your safety harness has been subjected to a fall so inspection is easier. There will be an inspection log on the harness strap.