General FAQs

We are based in Scotland with our Head Office in Ayrshire and depots in Glasgow, Aberdeen and a brand new location for 2016…….Edinburgh!

Yes, Access Plus is part of the Access Alliance Group, which is a collaboration of the UK and Ireland’s strongest independently owned regional powered access sales and rental companies.

Powered access is for anyone who wishes to work at height, whether it be indoors or outdoors. It is a safe, convenient and cost efficient way to gain access to areas which are hard to reach. Industries such as construction, video/film production and airports benefit from powered access.

Customers who do not have an account with us will be required to open an account and sign up to our Terms & Conditions. Our accounts are quick and easy to set up!

Once an account is opened up with us, we can accept payment through bank transfer, cheque or credit card.

Please call Access Plus on 0800 32 88 178 to speak to one of our experienced Account Managers, alternatively email

Customers can fill in an enquiry form and one of our award-winning Account Managers will get back to you. Or you can call 0800 32 88 178 and we will be happy to go through the process with you. After opening an account with us, we will identify which machine is best suited to your job by asking a series of questions. For example, if you don’t need to reach up-and-over an obstruction, you can choose between scissor lifts or cherry pickers. Cherry pickers (booms) are easier to move at height through their ability to rotate the position of the arm as well as the angle of ascent. Scissor lifts are the best choice if you only need to go straight up.

Working outdoors – Go for the extra power of a diesel powered machine, ideal for covering rough terrain. Most diesel powered machines come with rough terrain tyres as standard.

Working indoors – You will need an electric powered machine because of the lower emissions and noise levels. You should choose machines with the non-marking tyres to avoid accidental damage to floor coverings.

Customers are required to phone their Account Manager to notify that they no longer require to hire the machine, this is then followed up with an email providing our customer with an off-hire reference, and we will then take care of the rest!

Yes we have, please visit our eBay account for further details.

If you are working on bumpy or uneven ground, it’s likely that you will need jacks. Please contact us for clarification.

All MEWPS are designed to operate in wind speeds up to a maximum, which are marked on the machine*. Operation in wind speeds above this maximum will cause instability.

The generally accepted wind speed, and also the maximum in which an operator can work comfortably, is 12.5m/s (28mph).

Wind speed can be measured from the platform with a hand-held anemometer but it is more usual to estimate using the Beaufort Scale of wind force.

It is very important to realise that wind speed increases with height and may be 50% greater at a height of 20 metres above ground level.

*Except those designed specifically for use indoors.

The Beaufort Scale of wind force is accepted internationally and is used when communicating weather conditions. It consists of number 0- 17, each representing a certain strength of velocity of wind at 10m (33ft) above ground level in the open.