IPAF 3A Operator Training Mobile Vertical Scissor Lift

Course Objective:
To instruct the candidate in the safe preparation and practical operation of self propelled scissor lifts.

Course Content:
- Identification and understanding of operational hazards
- Requirement, procedure and benefits of pre-operational inspection
- Procedure and benefits of full function testing
- Procedure and identification of specific site hazards
- Understanding limitations of machine application
- Understand and apply correct starting procedure
- Identify proximity of all hazards, both overhead and others
- Travel machine with platform in the correct position
- Correctly position machine in relation to the task
- Deploy stabilisers and level machine
- Stow tools/equipment safely on platform
- Use safety harness
- Raise and lower platform correctly
- Slew and travel correctly
- Mount and dismount the machine correctly
- Health and safety at work regulations 1974
- LOLER regulations in respect of MEWPS

Key Learning Objectives:
Be aware and confident of
- The need for accident prevention and control
- The need for safe operational procedures and machine operating manual
- The emergency descent operations
- The responsibilities of the employers and the employees
- The needs regarding personnel protection
- The relevant health and safety regulations regarding MEWPS
- Safely manoeuvring the specified MEWP

Course Method:
Instruction in both theory and practical sessions. A demonstration and practical test will be required.

Personal Protective Equipment Required:
- Hard hat
- Steel capped work boots
- Harness

IPAF PAL Card category 3A

Course Duration:
One day

Instructor to Delegate Ratio:
Oe instructor to six delegates

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